Sunday, May 31, 2009

Just call me at the hospital!

If you are wondering where I have been lately I have been running back and forth from the doctor to the hospital for the last month and a half. Jacob got sick with the flu in April but he was just not getting better. I finaly took him to the doctor and they thought he had appendicitis so they sent me to the hospital. It turned out the he had pneumonia. He had to stay in the hospital for a few days. We were so grateful that it was not more serious. He recovered quickly then about two weeks later he was walking along a retaining wall at the little league field and fell and broke his arm.

About a week later kyle got hit in the hand with a golf ball at school. We went back to the Doctor's office for an Xray and found that he had a small fracture. They put his hand into a splint to protect it but he didn't need a cast. A few days later Randy and the boys went camping. When they got home Kyle was having chest pain and was having a hard time breathing. The doctor's office was closed since it was saturday so off we went to the ER again, thinking he had pneumonia. They Xrayed his lungs and couldn't find anything so they said it was pleurisy. It is an inflamation of the lungs that goes away on it's own. At least he didn't have to stay in the hospital. He is feeling great now but is sad that he is missing the end of little league season.

In between all of this Hailey got double ear infections and I fell and thought I broke my tailbone.

The doctor says we should be good for a couple of years now. I hope he is right. I am so sick of doctor's offices, Xrays, and staying up all night with sick kids.

We are all healthy now. What a blessing it is to have good health.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mom's Day

I just wanted to say "Happy Mother's Day" to all the mothers out there.

I'm sure many of you feel the same way I do but I have the best mom in the world.

It just occured to me that she might not like seeing her picture on here.

I'm sure she will forgive me though.

I wanted to show you how beautiful my mom is and what an angel she is.

My mom had nine children and she says it is "the best thing I ever did." I'm glad she had nine kids too.

I love you Mom!