Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I have proof!

Many of you have heard my tales of all the mischief my two youngest boys get into and now I have pictures to prove it. Last Friday I was busy chopping 24 heads of lettuce for a church dinner when Jacob and Lucas came downstairs with ink all over the bottoms of their feet. They had gotten into my ink pads. I told them to go upstairs and wash their feet off in the bathtub, and I continued to chop lettuce. I could hear them upstairs playing in the tub and I figured they had decided to take a bath. I had lots of lettuce to chop so I just kept going. I assumed there was probably water all over the floor but I would just wipe it up when I was done. Well, I finished chopping lettuce and headed upstairs to survey the damage. There were little blue and purple footprints all up the stairs on the carpet but I was not worried since I had been needing to shampoo the carpet any way. I got to the top of the stairs where the footprints stopped and found a couple of ink pads lying on the floor. I thought, "well this isn't so bad." Then I went into my bathroom to find the boys up to their necks in BLUE water. They had 4 inkpads in the bathtub with them. It actually looked pretty cool, but they still got in trouble. Notice they are not smiling in the pictures. They did ask why I was taking pictures of them. So now you know how to make really cool blue bath water.

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