Monday, June 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Lucas!

Lucas is 4 today! What a cute little farmer. We love you Lucas!


thepetersonfive said...

Happy Birthday to Luker from Zack and Parker!!!!!!!!!!!
And Amber I love your blog!!!

Celeste - The Solar Cook said...

I finally found your blog. I forgot that you told me you have one now...

Happy B-day Lucas!

Your blog is great. I'll have to try the strawberry salsa. I just found one for mango salsa that I'm going to try today. YUM!

Mykin said...

Amber -

You found me! How did you do that? I am so impressed! It is so fun to see your beautiful family! Seeing all that you do reminds me perfectly of you and Randy! I hope you all are great! Drop another line when you can!

Love, Mykin