Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Settling In

We finally made the move from the big city to the country. We have only been talking about it for two years now. It has been quite an adjustment, mostly for me. I probably cried every day the first week we were here. The kids are adjusting well. They have started school and have already had play dates with cousins and new friends. Natalie asks to call Rachel almost every day. The other day she said "it has almost been two weeks with no Rachel and I am still alive!" Poor thing, she was so broken hearted about moving. She still misses her best friend but she is making new friends and loves her new school. Here are some pics from the first day of school.

I guess the kids should have all had haircuts before school started but we were too busy to even notice.

There are some perks to living in the country, even if there is no Target close by. This is the view down my street on my morning jog.

This was the view out my kitchen window tonight as I fixed dinner.

We are missing Randy like crazy since he is still working in the valley and we only see him on weekends. Hailey now calls the phone "Dad". Thank you to all our friends and family that helped with meals and babysitting and cleaning and packing. We don't know what we are going to do without you (probably cry every day for a week). We are serious when we say come visit us. We miss you all like crazy!!!


*Katie May* said...

We miss you too!!

Celeste - The Solar Cook said...

We are so sad too! We miss you guys a lot. Your old house is so empty when we drive by.

I love the views from your house! I would do it in a heartbeat! Maybe we'll look up by you when we eventually sell this little house.

Love you guys!

Kasey said...

I'm glad you're settling in. Your views are great! I so wish I could do the small town thing, but I'm so not a small town girl. It helps you have family there too. Come for a visit soon! You'll be missed at Bunco tonight. It'll be weird without the small sassy blonde!

The Zoo Keeper said...

where did you move too?? It looks so great!!!

Anonymous said...

Where are you? I'm so jealous! Enjoy the fact that you're out of the city (ish) and can enjoy life in nature!

Cath said...

Okay, so you made me cry all over again!! We need your number so Rachel can call too! Do you still have the same email address? I'll email you later, I am going to set Rachel up with her own email and the girls can email each other. I am definitely working on a plan to come up and visit. I'll talk with you soon. Miss you!

Melissa Gardner said...

we miss you guys so much.. glad you are settling in though..we will have to go by and see you next time we go up country..
do you have a new email?? send it my way would ya..
love you guys..

heidi said...

hey country girl! looks like a beautiful place! & I bet the weather is nice too. lucky!!!

thepetersonfive said...

We miss you too. Zack misses Cody so much and Parker keeps asking to see Jake and Lucer. Email me with your address the boys might enjoy being pen pals. Keep in touch!