Sunday, August 9, 2009


We just got back from Vacation. It was a BLAST!

Hailey, our beach baby.

Family photo on the beach in Oceanside, CA.

Natalie on the beach.

Kyle, sporting his new shades.

Kyle catches a wave. We had a blast on the boogie boards. Even the grown ups gave it a go. We thought we were going to have to call the coast guard for Randy though. He got out too far and had a hard time getting back in.

Cody getting burried in the sand.

Hailey takes a turn getting burried too.

Jacob digs a hole.

All the cousins at Sea World. Minus the Nelsons who went home earlier. Sea World was awesome! Can't wait to go back.

Lucas and Randy heading up the "Side Winder" at Kotts Berry Farm. Lucas was our little daredevil who wanted to ride everything. He was barely 42" tall so he was able to go on a lot of the rides.

Cody and Lucas on the airplane ride at Knotts.

Jake a Luke taking the corner on the car ride at knotts.

We had an amazing vacation thanks to Grandma Webb! Thank you Grandma, we couldn't have done it without you.


*Katie May* said...

Love the family pic.

Celeste B. said...

How fun! I'm jealous! We have not been anywhere this year...except moving to Flagstaff.

Everyone looks so good!

Brandon,Shara and Family said...

Looks like so much fun. I'm glad you guys had a chance to get away and have some fun family fun. Love the family picture on the beach.

The Zoo Keeper said...

LOVE your family picture! so fun.. what do the shirts for your family reunion say?

heidi said...

oh that is so fun! vacations are the best! i can't believe how grown up your little hayley is!