Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Halloween Table

I got the Halloween decorations out the other day and played around with them a little bit.  I had lots of fun putting this table together.  The picture is kind of at a funky angle but that is because it is so hard to photograph in front of a mirror and not get the rest of the mess room.
I found these weeds on my morning run.  It is kind of hard to see in this picture but the tall ones are a pretty orange and the shorter ones are a rust color.  The ones in the bottom of the vase are sunflower heads.  We have a ton of sunflowers growing around here and they are all drying out now.  I just lopped off their heads and put them in the vase for filler.   I looked like I was carrying the Olympic torch running home with them in my hands.  I kind of messed up my back in the process but it was definitely worth it. The bird is from dollar tree and the cute jack-o-lantern kettle came from a yard sale.

  This cute sign was painted by my mom last year.  I love the simplicity of it.

 The boots!  Aren't they the cutest things?  Megan and I made these last year.  She came up with the idea.  They are so fun.  I really love the moss growing out of them.  The burlap pumpkins came from a yard sale. 

I hope you like it. 


amy said...

Can I have your talent for just one day???

Celeste B. said...

The boots are awesome! How did you make them?

Amber Dee said...

The boots are made out of a white canvas fabric. We traced on the pattern, cut them out, sewed them up and stuffed them. Then we painted them black and glued moss to the top. The buckles are made out of two ovals sewn together then turned right side out. They are glued on. I hope that makes sense.

Brandon,Shara and Family said...

Very cute! I love Halloween! The best part is decorating.

Allie said...

Very Sweet!
You should come link this up to my Making It With Allie party.