Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Our baby is 1!

I can't believe it has only been one year since Hailey entered our lives. Already we cannot imagine life without her.
Hailey loves:

her bottle - she carries it everywhere and sucks on it even if it is empty.

going outside - she is no longer content to play at my feet while I do the dishes or fix dinner. If the door opens she yells to go outside with the big kids.

fishy crackers - since she loves her bottle so much she doesn't eat much solid food but she loves goldfish.

climbing on the table - she is a monkey, and she has no fear.

talking to dad on the phone - or should I say listening to her dad on the phone. She lights up at the sound of his voice.

She is growing up too fast. Usually during family prayer she just toddles around and we don't pay much attention to her as long as she is being quiet. Tonight after we said the prayer I looked back at her and she was standing there with her little arms folded looking at us. It was so cute. Then she started clapping because she could tell we were all so thrilled with her for folding her arms. I guess it is time to start including her in saying our prayers.

Happy Birthday Hailey! We love you!


Cath said...

Happy Birthday to Hailey! I can't believe it has been a year either! She is so adorable. How are things going up there? I missed you and Natalie not being here to go see High School Musical with us.

*Katie May* said...

I can't believe Hailey is one already, crazy! She is such a doll!

heidi said...

wow that was fast! happy birthday!

Kasey said...

I can't believe she's a year too! It goes too fast! Happy birthday sweetie!

Celeste - The Solar Cook said...

WOW! I'm completely shocked that she is 1 now. I was thinking of you and missing you guys.

What a cutie! She looks like a Webb kid.