Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween cuties!

Halloween is so fun! I love dressing up the kids an taking tons of pictures before we go trick-or-treating. This year I made 4 of the kids costumes. It was a lot of work but so fun to see them all dressed up Halloween night.
Natalie was a cute witch.

Kyle was a pirate. He is holding one of our new kitties that we got Halloween night.

Hailey was a witch also. She is holding the other kitty. We had to be careful not to let her squish it to death.

Jacob was a bank robber. What a cute boy!

Cody is obsessed with The Magic Treehouse books so he chose to be Merlin the Magician.

This has been the year of the bat for Lucas. He is crazy about everything Batman so of course that is who he had to be. He had a mask that he wore trick-or-treating but I love to see his cute little face.

We didn't end up with near as much candy this year, but that was just fine with me. It was lots of fun!


The Zoo Keeper said...

They are so cute and growing up so fast!! Funny that Natalie was a witch, so was Emily. this is the first year she wasn't all girly and a princess!!

Amber Dee said...

I'm glad someone is out there. Where is everybody else. Have you all deserted me?