Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Jacob's Birthday


Our blue eyed boy turned 7 today!

Wow, time flies.

Jacob is such a sweet boy. He is loving the 1st grade and is an excellent student.

He loves video games and is enjoying the Wii we got for Christmas.

Jacob is such an obedient boy. He is always getting rewarded for being the first one to obey when we ask the kids to do something. (It drives the other kids crazy).

He is a lego master and he gets very upset when someone breaks his creations.

You can often find him standing or spinning on his head or crawling accross the floor. He doesn't hold still for long.

We love you Jake. We are glad you are ours.
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*Katie May* said...

Such a doll, love those blue eyes!

Brandon,Shara and Family said...

Jacob is so sweet and such a nice boy. His auntie loves him : ).